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Sep 24, 2015  by 21bethere

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Two sides of the story: Research with Parents and Adolescents on the supply of alcohol 
Professor Sandra JonesAustralian Catholic University 

Date:     Thursday 29 October 2015
Venue:  142 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Time:    1:00pm – 2:00pm EST, Please allow time for parking, arrival 12:45pm

Professor Sandra Jones is an ARC Future Fellow and Director of the Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. For more than a decade Sandra has been conducting research into the influences on young people’s alcohol consumption, including alcohol advertising and marketing; and her ARC Future Fellowship is a four-year whole of community intervention to address social norms around underage drinking. Sandra’s career research funding exceeds $8 million; and she has published more than 150 refereed journal articles, six book chapters, and numerous policy-related monographs and reports. She is also a member of a range of policy and advocacy committees and professional organisations in Australia and overseas.

Research with children and adolescents consistently shows that kids get their alcohol from their parents. Research with parents consistently shows that parents don’t give their kids alcohol. Does that mean someone isn’t telling the truth?
This seminar will provide a summary of findings from a series of research projects we have conducted with parents that go some way to explaining the conflicting perspectives on parents’ provision of alcohol to their teenagers.
The parent studies include: a CATI survey (n=900); an online survey (n=104); focus groups (n=27); and a projective study (n=180). In combination the studies identified a nuanced interpretation of the ‘supply’ of alcohol (it doesn’t mean what you think it means); complex trade-offs between perceived risks and benefits of allowing adolescents to drink; powerful social norms (which concurrently encourage and discourage parents from providing alcohol); and a consistent ‘othering’ of problematic adolescent drinking and parental supply.


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← Pinkwashed alcohol products & promotions exposed in new study Legal drinking age of 18 tied to high school dropout rate →